Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Questions, My Answers

Over the past week, I've received a few emails asking for me to show more photos from my collection of trashed and abused shoes, including a few requests for more heels to be featured on the blog.  As I explained in my responses to those emails, I'll happily oblige.  After all, I've been looking forward to both.

I want shoes from the collection I've been building to be a central part of the blog.  I get so much enjoyment out of them and like to think others can enjoy them as well when I photograph and describe them in detail.  However, I've never wanted those to be the only features on the blog.  The point of all this is for me to explore all aspects of the hobby, and that includes a lot of things I'm just now starting to figure out, like the joy I've discovered in destroying shoes with my Ellies.  It's clear to me that many of you enjoy the trashing- and abuse-related items I've found on other sites.  One of the most viewed posts on the blog is the one where I talk about the mom who wears her heels to the playground.  There will definitely be a lot more highlighting what I've been buying on eBay to add to my collection, but I'll also try to maintain a good balance around here, touching on a lot of different things.

As for the lack of heels, I have them in my collection, although not as many pairs as I'd like.  I'm working on that... trust me.  Heels are difficult.  While eBay is a wonderful tool I've discussed in the past, finding trashed and abused heels isn't easy, probably because of the nature of the shoes.  In my dreams, women wear their nicest pumps on spontaneous walks in the woods... in reality, they're usually reserved for events where they won't be taxed with any kind of hard work.  The toughest chores most high heels have to suffer through is drunken dancing at weddings, and they usually get a few weeks or months off after that short-lived experience.  I tend to look for office shoes because those are worn on a daily basis and often for long periods of time, but even then they're typically stuck walking carpeted hallways and being kicked off underneath a desk.

Right now, my collection features more high-heeled boots than pumps.  For some reason women seem to have fewer reservations about wearing a pair of thigh-high boots to death than a fancy pair of slingbacks.  Therefore I'll be posting a lot of boots in the future... that is, as soon as I use my engineering skills to finish crafting something to ensure the shafts stay upright during photography sessions.  I also have some flats and sneakers to share with you.  I know... some of you aren't really into flats and sneakers, but I think you'll enjoy some of the ones I've purchased.  Others ended up being duds, and maybe you'll take comfort in the fact that they'll meet unpleasant ends.

Thanks for reading, and keep the questions and suggestions coming.  It's always great learning what you want to see.

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