Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two YouTube Finds

Like I said, I'd be back on September 4th.  Oh, wait, was that the 29th?  Can you forgive me for having misled you one more time?  Have mercy!  It was summer, and you know how hard it is to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of the summer months when there's so much in life that manages to get in the way.  Of course, it's now fall, which is my favorite season, but I'll at least have more time to dedicate to the blog.  I have some fantastic new additions to my collection and I'll be highlighting them soon.  In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this video on YouTube.  You may be asked if it's okay to display "inappropriate content", although I can promise you there's nothing at all inappropriate with what you're about to see.

SuperHeroDoll seems to created one hell of a shrine to her feet.  The majority of her uploads focus on her (admittedly adorable) feet in socks, but there are a few videos highlighting her shoes.  The sandals are advertised as being for sale but don't get your hopes up, as they've already been sold.  Too bad, as I would have gladly plunked down the $50 she was asking had I known at the time.  Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of chunky sandals, but there's something mesmerizing about the way SuperHeroDoll works the elastic straps, ferociously daring the material to break apart.

Another YouTube user, chilflamorris, punishes a pair of white slingbacks in this upload.  Granted, I'm much more interested in shoes destroyed through natural wear and tear, but the way she's able to have both shoes tear each other apart in front of the camera is fascinating.

More to come.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Returns on July 29th!

Well, unless I get the urge to post something before then.  But I assure you this will be the last time you read about the blog returning without it actually happening.

As I said in previous posts, life sometimes has a way of, um, getting in the way.  Hobbies tend to fall by the wayside and unfortunately this particular hobby of mine wasn't something that fit into my limited free time.  The good news is, I'm going to pick up where I left off and hit the ground running.  We'll finally see Lou's girlfriend's shoes get the beatdown they've been needing since I received them.  My large-sized Ellies and Pleasers will be subjected to abuse their designers surely never intended.  Then there's my collection, which is going to continue to grow.  Lately I've been taking an interest in flip flops and sandals.  Is that because it's summer and eBay is flooded with those kinds of items for sale?  Or because it's sometimes relatively easy for me to squeeze my big feet into flip flops and sandals that should be way too small but happen to work because of a minimum of straps?

Keep following.  I swear it'll be worth your patience.

Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm here... I swear.

I know I promised a return to the blog, and I also know that was a long time ago.  I'm still here, just got buried by life for a while.  Don't worry, the blog will return and I hope all of you loyal readers will continue to follow!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blog Update

It's been a while, but I assure you I'm still here.  As is sometimes the case, life got in the way and I had to step back to take care of some things, including my job that pays the bills.  It didn't help that my house was subjected to massive upheaval as the furniture on the main floor had to be moved into the garage so the floors could be refinished, which effectively shut down the majority of my photo shoot locations as well as the garage that's become something of a dungeon for shoe abuse.  Everything is finally back to normal and with work being less hectic, posts will resume very soon.  Thanks for being patient!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hot, So Hot... Pink, That Is

Ordering shoes online is a very simple and satisfying process... that is, until you find out that you need your shoes in a different size, at which point the exchange becomes tedious and time-consuming.  One of my first purchases for my own feet was a pair of Pleaser Dream 420 pumps (the 420 part is important because Pleaser has a line of Dream pumps, and they're not all the same) and since I was having a hard time with a pair of size 16s, figured I'd have to go with size 17s.  That ended up being a mistake, as they were way too large, leading me to believe I really am a size 16 and I just had some bad luck with one pair.  Between waiting for the pair of shoes to be returned to the seller, the time it took to process the return and bill me for shipping for the new pair and allowing the USPS to do its thing with the new pair, at least a month had passed.  Of course, all will be forgotten if the new pair fits.

I was a little disappointed when my Pleaser Vanity T-strap pumps arrived because the attention to packaging detail was lacking.  That particular style of shoe must be an anomaly because my Dream pumps arrived as expected, wrapped in black cloth bags surrounding a larger one for storage.

Even better, the shoes fit.  They're still a little loose but I don't think a size 15 would be comfortable.  And!  They're hot pink, which is good because my other four pairs are red and black.  I'm thinking I need one or two more pairs, maybe something in a metallic?  In the meantime, I have many shoes I plan to destroy with the 4" heels on these, which are tall and sharp enough to cause lots of suffering, but likely not tall and sharp enough to be unbearable.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lou's Girlfriend's Shoes: Part One (Hello, Red Flats)

Since coming over from Europe, Lou's girlfriend's shoes have been a bit neglected.  As soon as the weather improves, they'll be taking a difficult hike in the woods courtesy of a friend of mine with a voracious desire to be very abusive to the shoes on her feet.  In the meantime, I thought I'd send the red flats a greeting with my Pleaser T-strap pumps.

As promised, the information found here will give you a little insight as to what's going on.  I didn't measure the heels of my Pleasers but the top pieces are very small, somewhere between 3/16" and 1/4" of an inch.  There are times in the video when I am putting nearly all of my 300 pounds onto the heels of my shoes, meaning the pressure being generated is somewhere in the 10,000 PSI range without any motion whatsoever.  That means the number is going to swell as I lift my foot off the floor and stomp back down on it.  What abuse Lou's girlfriend's shoes are being forced to endure!  Good thing they held up with only a few scratches, although the road only gets more difficult from now on... figuratively and literally.

High Heels & Mathematics

Mathematics can explain a lot of things, but did you ever think someone would apply such logic and reasoning to the wearing of high heels?  Well, someone did, and you can read about it here.

As I find myself using my Ellie and Pleaser shoes to inflict damage upon some of the helpless victims in my collection, understanding a bit about what's going on didn't seem like a bad idea.  You can anticipate me referencing this page a lot in the future!