Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Pair For My Feet To Embrace

Another day, and another pair of Pleasers arrives for the pleasure of my feet.  This time it's a pair of Vanity T-strap pumps.

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the thrill of opening a box like this.  I used to wonder why women would buy more shoes than they'd ever have the ability to wear but now I'm starting to get it.  This is my fourth pair of shoes (with one more on the way- a pair of size 16 pumps to replace the 17's that were too big) and while I now have more pairs of shoes than I'll be able to enjoy as much as I'd like, I'm getting the itch to buy another pair or two, and maybe even boots if I can be assured that they'll work with my calves.

There's certainly no real reason for me to be disappointed but I'm just a little dismayed by the fact that Pleaser has made a bit of a liar out of me.  Not long after I sang the praises of Pleaser's packaging, I open the box to find no black protective storage bag to house my shoes.  These shoes also came wrapped in white cloth bags that weren't as substantial as the black cloth bags that contained the other Pleasers I purchased, so I'm assuming it wasn't a simple oversight and is just a case of Pleaser not providing the protective storage bags with all their shoes?

Regardless, the shoes are awesome.  They're red patent (don't be fooled by the bad lighting of the photos- they're not pink, although the pumps that are due to arrive are a flashy hot pink, just to switch things up a bit) and the 4" heel should make them a bit easier to deal with than my slingbacks with the 5" heel that feels just a tad delicate, although I'll be the first to admit I need to get used to them.

At first I was worried because I had a hard time squeezing my feet between the straps, but then figured it was more about the angle of approach than anything else.  Still, I give straps a lot of credit.  I stretched these in ways that made me sure I'd snap them apart, and that was once... and with the shoes in brand new condition.  How do the straps do it when they're old and having been stretched to their limits (and likely beyond) hundreds of times?

I look forward to seeing how these straps do it.

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