Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Pairs of Pleasers For My Pleasure

Please accept my apologies once again for having been quiet the past few days.  If you notice a pattern of me disappearing on the weekends, you've been paying attention.  During the week I can sneak home every once in a while and indulge in this hobby of mine but on the weekends, it's tough to do so with the wife present.  It's not that I forget about all of this, just that I'm not able to come up with much to post.  Perhaps I'll have to work on an extra post or two during the week so I can make sure the blog is updated on the weekends.  But anyway, I digress.

My quest to build a small collection of large-sized shoes started out great with the arrival of my Ellie sandals but then became a bit of a challenge.  Because a size 16 worked the first time, I figured it would work again.  That wasn't the case when I bought a similar pair of Pleaser sandals (which are now gone... in the hands of a lucky reader that I trust is having fun with them.)  Figuring that I got lucky with the Ellies, I ordered a pair of traditional pumps by Pleaser in a wide width size 17, and was frustrated when they were so large, my feet were just about swimming in them.  I sent them back for a size 16 and hoped that the other size 16's I had on the way would work after all.  Maybe the Pleaser sandals being too narrow was just a fluke?

As it turns out, that was the case, and now I am adding two new pairs of Pleasers to my collection.  The first is a pair of Seduce slingback pumps.  Since I already have black patent Ellies, I was hoping for a different color but had to settle on black patent again, as I'm guessing colors become more basic as the size of the shoes increases.  Regardless, they're extremely sexy- very simple with a thin strap to hold the back of the foot in place over towering 5" heels.  After a quick lap around the living room, I've found I can handle myself in them just fine, although another inch might make them a little difficult.

I've come to love Pleaser.  Sure, it mostly has to do with them making gorgeous shoes that fit my insanely huge feet, but there's a part of me that appreciates their attention to detail when it comes to packaging.  I'm a sucker for packaging because while it doesn't mask the faults of shoddy product, it makes good products seem even better.  Anyone who's ever bought and opened an Apple product can surely attest to that.  Pleaser shoes come in a nice black box with a red lid covered in butterflies, and the box is of a ridiculous quality considering the price of the shoes that usually go for about $50 on eBay.

Open it up and it's a sea of black, regardless of the color of the shoes.  Each shoe comes individually wrapped in a cloth bag, probably to keep them from rubbing together during shipment.  Very classy.

Even better, Pleaser provides a larger cloth bag with a drawstring to store the shoes.  Honestly, I can't see many women using this bag, as the shoes would either remain in their box on the floor of a closet or be stored on some kind of rack, but for someone like me who hides his best footwear above a ceiling tile in his man cave, the bag is a priceless part of the package.

Officially the most delicate of the pairs in my collection, I'm not sure how often I'm going to be wearing these or what I'll be able to do with them, so time will tell.  That doesn't prevent me from wanting to stare at them for hours!

My other recent arrival is a pair of Pleaser Divine Mary Jane pumps.  I couldn't resist the red patent leather that makes me think of a classic muscle car when I look at them.  These aren't as dressy as the slingbacks, but the fact that they cover more of the foot and have a thick 3" heel means they make more sense for destructive activities.  They're going to play a big role going forward, so expect to see a lot of them and the results of their actions.

The destruction of the Moda sandals with my treasured Ellies was a blast, but I think the style of the shoes brought everything to an end quicker than anticipated.  Violently stomping on something while wearing a pair of shoes that holds your foot in place with a few straps means the foot isn't held in place very well at all, and the height of the heels only made matters worse.  I'm sure I'll continue to use my Ellies for destructive purposes but I can see these shoes being better as they will hold my foot in place and the thicker heel will give me more control as well as peace of mind, as I won't have to worry so much about it snapping if I get too into the moment.  And believe me, you're going to see a lot more destruction in the future.  I've already ordered a nice assortment of shoes with low heels that I plan on making suffer under mine.

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  1. Very interesting read, thank you for this! As a seller I have been trying to look into the psyche of the buyers, see what makes them enjoy the shoe and why. Interesting!