Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anyone Want These Pleaser Size 16 High-Heeled Sandals?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to build a small collection of large-sized shoes for my large-sized feet.  I figured a size 16 would work just fine and it did.  Well, once.  The second size 16 I purchased and attempted to fit onto my feet didn't work as well.  I think I need a size 16 wide because while the length is perfect (or at least it seems perfect, as the shoes have open backs so it's a little tough to tell), they're much too narrow where the straps converge above the balls of my feet.  I've since purchased a few size 16 shoes in a wide width as well as a size 17 (which wasn't easy to find) and we'll see what happens.  In the meantime I am stuck with this pair of shoes that I managed to keep on my foot for all of 30 seconds.  Anyone want them?

 They're made by Pleaser, a company that seems to pride itself on sexy, well-made but reasonably-priced women's shoes, and they make shoes in all sizes so it's not like they cater specifically to the crossdressing crowd (not sure why, but I like that... maybe I like the idea of women's shoes made for women, not men?)  They're called the Flair 420 and are T-strap sandals with 4.5" heels.  The soles are covered in a grippy rubber material (making them good for someone like me who has no experience walking in high heels and is likely to take a spill at any given moment) and the inner lining is a soft, cloth-like material that feels sweet against the feet.  They look and feel very sturdy but at the same time, a towering heel is a towering heel and I'm sure it wouldn't take too many wrong moves for them to break off, just in case that appeals to you.

I'm not looking for much in exchange for them.  I paid about $50 for them on eBay and that included shipping, and I'd rather let them go for half that amount rather than toss them away.  I imagine that most guys do not have a foot as large as mine, so if you're around a 11, 12 or 13 and have always wanted to slip your foot into a sexy pair of heels, now might be a good chance.  And if you decide to have any adventures with them (non-sexual, that is), feel free to send photos and stories so they can be shared with everyone.

 Any takers?

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  1. I would love to have them. Are they still avaible?
    30 Dollar is OK?