Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sandal Abuse on YouTube

I'm not going to make a habit of posting links to videos I find on the internet- you don't need me for that as I'm sure you already know where to go for such things, and I'd like to make sure this blog is comprised mostly of original material.  Still, there is something so unbelievably intriguing about this video.

I'll admit, the sandals' thick soles really aren't my kind thing.  They don't look very delicate, and as I've thought more and more about this obsession of mine, I've learned that delicate = good because delicate = easy to trash and abuse, or at least according to the logic inside my head.  Yet as I watch the video, I'm more and more impressed by the way the thin straps stretch as far as they do.  I keep expecting them to break, but they never do.  Too bad she sold them, because I'd love to see if those stretchy straps would have allowed them to fit on my feet.  Maybe she has more?

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