Friday, March 8, 2013

Two Good YouTube Finds

Don't worry, this blog isn't going to turn into a place where I regurgitate stuff I find elsewhere on the internet, but every once in a while my interest in this hobby leads me to some stuff I feel the need to share.

First up is a short video of some tall platform heels.  It's so short, you could very well miss it if you blink.  I'll admit to not being the biggest fan of platforms (the ridiculously thick outsoles don't do anything for me) but the pair featured in this clip is definitely one I'd love to have in my collection.  The shoes look as though they were subjected to some intentional abuse and in this case I'm okay with that because of the way the heels are bending all over the place.  Mesmerizing!

Second is a video only a little longer than the first (so again, don't blink) but equally fascinating.  This guy's girlfriend's worn slingbacks have the most downright impressive sweat stains I've ever seen on a pair of shoes.  From the looks of things, her feet create a pool of sweat on a daily basis.  I can only dream of what it would be like to shove my nose inside the pumps for a sniff or two.

Stay tuned this weekend for some more posts.  There's so much in my collection I haven't shared... yet.

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