Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Unexpected Surprise

Remember the flip flops I received yesterday?  Another morning of, um, rest as I recovered from my illness gave me a chance to spend some time with them.  I already knew I could squeeze them onto my feet but what I didn't realize until today is that they're actually quite comfortable.  Imagine that.  Sure, they're flip flops, meaning they're a mess of thin straps that can be manipulated to a degree, but they're still about eight sizes too small for my feet, if the seller's claim of them being a size 9 is accurate.

In my pajama pants that did a fairly decent job of covering the majority of my feet, I wore them outside to get the mail, finding that the right one in particular has the structural rigidity of a wet noodle and likes to catch on the ground and bend under my foot as I walk.  I continued to wear them as I opened a few more packages containing shoes I'll be featuring in the future, then put them away before my shower.  More than ever, I want to buy the other pair the seller had originally offered me before disappearing.  I might get addicted to wearing these and will need another pair for when I inevitably destroy these.

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